2020… Fuck It 🤷‍♂️ A Gratitude Flow

“2020… fuck it 🤷‍♂️ A Gratitude Flow”

What a damn year! An unmistakable dog ear in the book of life.

Recently, I wanted to “check out.” I had my fill. What got me there? I taught 500+ online classes in 120 days. In that time I evolved a disdain for the screen interaction as a lame substitution for real life, a substitution I happily go against and readily denigrate. I found many people on the same page, many of whom joined me at 10 live events earlier in lockdown.

Hot damn, there’s nothing worse than a loose end. You know, that thought at the end of a well intentioned job well-done. That thought that maybe, just maybe, with one more application you might better nail the essence of the task at hand. The living art of the next day to integrate, consolidate apply and refine lessons from the last day, last week, last month, last year into your next action.

And yet, isn’t the reality that very likely too much of most of all of our lives were/are already consumed in front of screens, often replacing in person interaction; or better even, solitude, with some lesser substitute.

In May I booked 2 months of retreat space with the plan to end 2020 in complete solitude: somewhere rural, on a tributary that wanders to the Mississippi ending where all water ends: the universe below.

I know I really need this time to heal, I know Im losing money to change my reservation…

and yet…

…and yet this nagging feeling of painting a clearer picture with the next application pulls me back in. This nagging feeling that the masterpiece that is 2020 has more lessons to unfold is bending me to its incessant will.

Can I be like the island palm tree and weather one more storm just as bravely as the last? Will my many injuries and foibles overcome me, or will I finally overcome them? Isn’t 2020 kind of like a wave that catches you off guard? Panic sets in as the waves pepper you like a prize fighter nailing successive jabs, off-kilter you half expect the next wave will be a finishing haymaker. The longer the experience the deeper the existential crisis. Will I make it back for air? Was that my last breath? What do I regret? What did I neglect? Why me? Why now?

All life’s loose ends with a magnifying glass to them, ripe for dissection.

And then you remember that you know how to swim, you remember that you know how to hold your breath (in spite of all the inhaled smoke in your life), you remember that you’ve been here before. Same story, different unfoldment. You float to the top as you always do, cuz there is no better alternative to life, your choice crystallizes. Your return to air finds you more grateful than ever before, in a simple intuitive moment your most profound statement:

FUCK death! 💀

To me life behind a screen is an insidious death, a deferral of life’s potential to the inherently inferior pixel.

And so, one more Live Thanksgiving Day Power Yoga class. Because the last gratitude class I taught on thanksgiving was at the recently closed @santamonicapoweryoga (luckily- after 20 years in business- a good pioneering run) @bkest and I can’t allow that loose end to stay frayed, it must be tied/sealed/seared and delivered!

One more time baby! ☝️

🌙 🌀🔄🌀☀️


Thanksgiving Morning short hike and yoga class at Griffith Park on the plateau known as “Griffith Helipad” overlooking Los Angeles.

When: Thursday November 26, 2020 @ 10 AM

Where: Griffith Park

Cost: $40

After a quick 20 minute hike up we will enjoy a 1 hour power yoga flow with impeccable views followed by cocktails designed by master mixologist Greg Bushin. @vodka.collins on IG. I love nothing better than a good story and Greg’s is second to none. Teacher turned bartender, this guy follows his gut and has bar owner written all over him. Come buy low on this guy, you might get free drinks for life, HAHA! JK, I know I precluded myself from that now. 🤷‍♂️

Ode to 2020:

Fuck screens,
Get lifted,
Fuck screens,
You’re too gifted,
Fuck screens,
Let’s get shifted!
Fuck all the rest,
It’s all just a test?
Fuck I must be in love,
Society you fit like a glove!
Fucked if you do, Fucked if you won’t,
You’re gonna get fucked,
Come find as many positions
To enjoy the fucking in.

Come Unfuck Yourself.

Signup link and details in bio!

Let’s get fucked up! 🙏🆙

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