Move & Meditate

With a background in athletics, primarily violent sports like Football, Rugby and Lacrosse, I found yoga as a means to heal the multitude of physical ailments that I accumulated from childhood through college. It was the summer of 2010 and I distinctly remember working out at the 24 hour fitness across the street from Santa Monica Power Yoga and seeing a line of people waiting for class. On a whim (intuition?/chance?/serendipity?) I walked over and sauntered into my first yoga class. I limped out drenched in sweat, challenged on every level. I was hooked.

I design my group classes to be fun, energetic and healing. We will flow, we will hold, we will listen to music, we will chant, we will meditate, we will breathe. The truth is, yoga is a never ending process, one that unfolds layer by layer revealing new subtleties previously hidden. The main goal of yoga is awareness; the main problem of yoga is: how can you be aware of what you aren’t aware of? The main goal of life is happiness; the main problem of life is: how can you know what you like until you know what you don’t like? But what is the solution that will help us overcome these very real obstacles to awareness/happiness? In my mind these obstacles are arguments for a measured approach to the practice. An approach where we see incremental progress through the trial and error process: a process where we utilize intuition to explore our boundaries and we use our intention to guide our growth and exploration.

For private individual or group instruction feel free to reach out.