The eternal dance
The push and pull
Under sun and moon
Twixt hot and cold
The magnetic - the electric
The masculine - the feminine
North and south
The yin and yang
East and west
From dark to light
From hard to soft
From full to empty
The inhale; the exhale
The sweet; the sour
The sensitive; the durable
The strong; the vulnerable
Fight vs. surrender
Reaction vs. interaction
The objective vs. the subjective
The great mediator: The neutron
Balance or harmony?

There is no unknowing
The truth keeps on flowing
The self keeps on growing

To know and not to do
Now that is tragic
The darkest of magic
A soul trapped in regret
Accumulating karmic debt

To know and to do
Now that is a coup
The mark of the blessed
The soul that is confessed
Moment to moment
Living in the breath
Releasing tension
Finding full expression

Words are subjective
Numbers are objective
That was hyperbolic
Both are symbolic
Or even parabolic
Never fully right
Never fully wrong

Like a sinusoidal wave
With truth as the (pr)axis
Searching out the words
Nothing’s quite sufficient
Numbers more efficient
A letter is a number
The number is the structure
The ceiling is the scripture
The eternal cosmic pivot
The holy single digit
The mystery in the mystery
The history in the history
The empty space between
The bridge of faith unseen
Breathe to find the mean

Where the telescope
Meets the microscope
Becomes the kaleidoscope
That’s where you’ll find me
With the letters and the numbers
Trying to remember
Before the last slumber
Always optimistic;
Always the cynic;
Always the mystic;
In the respective.
The collective perspective:

In a word: I am a number.