Yoga and Beach



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Yoga Beach Day!

When: June 11, 2020 @ 1:30 – 2:30 Power Yoga Flow
2:30 PM – Sunset (Hangout)

What: A 1 hour power yoga flow followed by a beach hang. Some people might surf, I will bring my paddle ball.

Why? Because we’ve been stuck inside for too long!

Cost: Suggested donation $15 (venmo- @johnaharding, paypal:

How: Signup below!

Signup link:

Additional Details:
-Some people like to flow on their mats and some people like to flow on a towel while on the sand. Maybe bring both to test it out.
-Please arrive early (around 1 pm) to find parking and to stake out your spot!
-Feel free to bring any extra’s for a whole half day at the beach. Whether that be surf gear, food and drinks or fun beach games.